Ages  4 – 7


We look forward to next summer when we can all be in-studio!!!!

Dance & Math & Music for Pre-Ballet Students (This in-studio class is cancelled)

Dance & Math & Music is an innovative and exciting workshop exploring the magical connection of math, music and dance. Studies have shown dance and music instruction enhances students’ mathematical skills, whether they are visual/spatial or auditory learners. In this inspiring and fun program students will physically experience the often abstract concepts of math.

In addition to a dance class each day, students will use mathematical concepts to create artwork and listen to and compose their own music using melodic and rhythmic instruments. Parents will be invited to observe what the students have learned at the end of the week.

Concepts studied include:
• Numbers and Counting
• Patterns
• Geometric shapes: circle, triangle, square, lines curved and straight
• Space: high, low, Under/over, around, in front of, behind, between etc.
• Size and weight
• Time: fast/slow, first/second/third

Monday – Friday, 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.