Adult Classes

The Raleigh School of Ballet’s mission is to provide professional training in classical ballet for children and adults. All students are trained with great care in an environment that is disciplined positive and nurturing. Whether training results in a professional career or not, a good well thought out program offers the gift of a healthy body, inner confidence, self – discipline and the grace to move beautifully.

Adult ballet has been a core part of RSB since our founding.  Whether you are an absolute beginner who wants to try ballet for the first time or have been dancing since you were 3 years old, we have a class for you.

Levels in the Adult Ballet Program are finely tuned for maximum progress and taught by professional teachers. Emphasis is placed on:
• Developing pure clean technique
• Quality of movement, movement theory, and musicality
• Developing a better understanding of classical music, rhythm, and tempo
• Developing a better understanding of ballet technique and terminology