August 2020 Adult Classes

We are planning both in-studio and online classes!  Schedule TBA

Levels in the Adult Ballet Program are finely tuned for maximum progress and taught by professional teachers. Emphasis is placed on:
• Developing pure clean technique
• Quality of movement, movement theory, and musicality
• Developing a better understanding of classical music, rhythm, and tempo
• Developing a better understanding of ballet technique and terminology

Intermediate Beginner Ballet : Recommended for adults that attended the Intro to Ballet course as well as students that would like to refine and improve their technique, posture and alignment. Students will experience a full classical ballet class introducing more vocabulary.
Advanced Beginner Ballet: Recommended for adults with a minimum of one year of classical ballet experience. This class will focus on refining basic ballet technique while introducing more advanced steps at the barre and center.
Intermediate: Recommended for students with a minimum of two years of classical ballet experience. This class will continue to focus on the use of proper posture and alignment while introducing more complex combinations, concentrating on the use and coordination of arms and head.
Advanced Intermediate : Recommended for students with a minimum four years of classical ballet technique. This class will offer complex combinations at the barre and center focusing on both artistry and technique.

In-studio class cards – We are adding five months to class cards purchased before March 15th!

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