C & D Levels:

The C & D level classes meet two times per week for 1.5 hours per class. Students are between ten and sixteen years of age depending on previous dance training, physical development, and ability.

C & D Level students have an opportunity to perform onstage in the Student Performance.

  • C1 students may add Pre-Pointe and Contemporary 2 classes.  Girls are fitted for pointe shoes when their muscles are appropriately developed and they have proper stretch and flexibility in ankles and feet.  Students may audition for the Professional Division towards the end of the C1 year.
  • C2 students may add Pointe 1 and Modern 3 classes and with faculty approval may add Level 1 Professional Division ballet and Pointe 2 classes. Students turning 12 by September 1st may audition for Raleigh Dance Theatre towards the end of the C2 year.
  • D Level students may add Pointe 2 and Modern 3 classes and with faculty approval may add Level 1 or 2 Professional Division and Pointe 3 classes.

C & D Levels follow a syllabus that includes:

  • Continuing to develop and refine earlier basic concepts
  • Intermediate vocabulary required for advanced work
  • Developing an understanding of anatomy, kinesiology and mechanics of ballet technique
  • Focusing on artistry as well as musicality